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1) Aldrin and dieldrin are pesticides that used to be allowed for the control of soil insects. In ontario, the maximum allowable total concentration of alrin plus dieldrin in drinking water is 0.7 ppb. If a 250mL sample of drinking water is found to contain 0.0001mg of aldrin and dieldrin, does the concentration exceed the standard? Explain.

I tried doing this and kept on getting the wrong answer please help me out

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    0.7 ppb = 0.7 microgram/L
    1E-5mg Al+Diel/250 = 4E-5 mg/L. Convert to ug.
    4E-5mg x (1000 ug/1 mg) = 4E-2 ug = 0.04ug.
    So you have 0.04 ug/L.= 0.04 ppb

  • Chemistry -

    what is ug and microgram and in grade 11 have not learnt this yet..

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