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Listening to your friend sincerely as they tell you about their day ( empathic listening)?
Not anderstanding because of accent ( cultural barrier)?
Take notes in class and studying then so you can paraphrase the information for a test. (Academic listening)
A me Janice listening to the sound of engine (critical listening)
A teacher grading a speech from tape recorder. (Physical Barrier)
A detective trying to solve a crime.( precision listening)
Listening to your IPOD while dancing ( listening for enjoyment)
Daydreaming in class( mental barrier)
Listening to the morning announcements or news.( listening for information)
As you try to listen, the trite drill goes off(??? I don't know what is the answer) ( maybe selective listening)
Can you please check if I am right!!!!

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    Mechanic listening to the sound of engine ( critical listening)

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    The drill goes off... Bifurcated listening? Inclusive?

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    I found inclusive at synonyms Dot com and used the antonym tool on selective.

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