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How do I solve this equation? Please explain and do step by step.

6m squared -5m-14=0

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    6m^2 - 5m - 14 = 0
    it's mainly trial and error. Since 5 is a relatively small number, don't expect to see factors like (6m+1)(m-14)

    I'd try (3m-?)(2m+?)

    (3m-)(2m+) Hmm. nope

    (6m-7)(m+2) = 6m^2 + 5m - 14
    close, but we need -5m. So,


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    Then you have to set each factor equal to zero and solve for m.

    I actually have another way to factor instead of trial and erro.

    you multiply the 6 times -14 to get -84
    Then you think of a two numbers that multiply to =-84 and add up to be -5
    They are -12 plus 7
    rewrite as 6m^2 -12m + 7m -14
    group (6m^2 -12m) + (7m -14)
    take out common factors
    6m(m -2) + 7 (m-2)
    factor out the m-2
    and you have (6m+7)(m-2)
    It is a newer methos and eliminates the guessing. It works every time.

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    how do I solve (16)^3 +48(16)^2

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