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Posted by xavier on Monday, February 11, 2013 at 8:28pm.
Asking for help with this one math question to understand how to do the rest of related question?
thank you in advance....

shape 1 (3.5,-8.5) ,(3.5,-9) , (3,-10.5) , (2,-12)

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    If we call the points A,B,C,D in order,

    AB is a vertical line
    The slope of BC is 2
    The slope of CD is 3/2
    The slope of DA is 7/4

    So, there are no parallel sides. The best we can hope for is a kite. Otherwise it's just a general quadrilateral.

    The length of
    AB = 1.5
    BC = .5√10
    CD = .5√13
    DA = √14

    No two sides are equal, so it's just a quadrilateral.

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