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What is the significance of the twelve tablets

The Twelve TABLES were significant because they were an early example of written law displayed publicly for all who could read them, another example being Hammurabi's Code

What measures did the government take to distract and control the masses of Rome?
Bread and circuses. The Roman government used entertainment such as gladiator fights an chariot races to distract the people from the hidden social, political, and economic problems.

Why did the early Christians face persecution from the Romans?
Christians also posed a problem for Roman rulers. The main reason was that they refused to worship Roman gods. This refusal was seen as opposition to Roman rule

Why did so many Germanic tribes begin invading the Roman Empire?
Germanic tribes began invading the Roman Empire in an effort to flee from the Huns, the Various Germanic people pushed into Roman Lands.

What influence did Latin have on the development of Western languages?
Latin is the root of five of our western languages, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. It has a heavy influence upon English as well, due to the Norman French. It is widely used in medical and legal professions and it still the official language of the Vatican.

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    So ... you're copying them from Are you unable to think and put all these into your own words ... to prove that you understand what you're writing?

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