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3rd grade math

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enzo and eric are a sharing a pie. if enzo eats 1/3 of the pie and eric eats 1/5 of the pie, is there more than 1/2 of the pie remaining.

  • 3rd grade math -

    1/3 + 1/5 =

    once you get your answer. turn into decimals and compare with 0.50 since 1/2 is 0.50.

  • 3rd grade math -

    You have to add 1/3 and 1/5.

    You need to get a common denominator of 15.

    after you add the fractions, subtract from 1 for 1 whole pie. (You can write 1 as 15/15).

    compare your answer with 1/2 to see if it is larger or smaller. (It is always good to be sure the denominators are the same which makes it easier to compare.

  • 3rd grade math -

    1/3 = 5/15
    1/5 = 3/15

    5/15 + 3/15 = 8/15 = 0.5333

    They ate 0.533 of the pie.

  • 3rd grade math -

    compare and get your answer is which is yes there is more then one half because 0.533>0.50

  • 3rd grade math -

    There is less than half a pie remaining.

    Reread the problem and your answer, minecraft.

  • 3rd grade math -

    i knew i was right at first

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