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graph the line with slope 1/2 passing through the point(-5,-2)

find the slope of the line 5x+5y=3 write answer in simplest from

consider the line 2x-4y=4 what is the slope of a line perpendicular to this line. what jis the slope of a line parallel to this line

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    to graph the line, plot the point (-5,-2)
    Now, since the slope is 1/2, that means that y increase by 1 when x increases by 2. So, starting at (-5,-2), move right 2 and up 1 and plot that point : (-3,-1).
    Draw the line through those two points.

    the slope of 5x+5y=3 is -1

    The slope of 2x-4y=4 is 1/2. So is the slope of all lines parallel to it. The slope of all perpendiculars to it is -2.

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