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I am doing a lab and I really need help!

I calculated that my snail traveled as his average speed of .136 cm/s, 1.36m/s, and 4896 m/hr.

Does that sound right?

Also I need help on another thing. My paper says Calculate how long it will take your snail to cross a sidewalk (2m) cross a road (20 m).

How would I figure that out?

Last thing.
It says, use your graph to compare average speed and the speed of an object along a path. Are they always that same? Give evidence by marking on a graph where speed over a 30 second interval is faster or slower than average speed.

What does that even mean???? I'm so confused!

Please help!

This is due soon!!!!

Thanks so much!

  • Science (8th grade) -

    No. Please check to be sure that the snail travels at 0.136 centimeters per second.

    0.136 cm/s = 0.000136 m/s

    1 hour = 60 * 60 = 3600 seconds

    3,600 * 0.000136 = 0.4896 m / hour

  • Science (8th grade) -

    for part 1, consider that your average jet plane flies at about 600 mph
    No way your snail goes 4896 mph.

    I'd think that a snail probably travels about 0.136 cm/s

    That's what I'd call a snail's pace.

    Since that's hard to measure, try seeing how far it travels in 10 seconds.

  • Science (8th grade) -

    You just forgot to include the decimals :) a snail dosen't go over 4000 mph! Use common sense before turning these things in. Once said a turtle went 50 mph on a test,,, silly me

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