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What types of appeals does King use in his speech? Which of the types of appeals that he uses are most effective? Use specific evidence from the speech to support your claims.

King was an activist, but he was also a preacher. How does his job as a preacher affect how he writes his speech? Again, use specific evidence to support your claims.

King uses repetition often in this speech. What effect does this repetition have on his message? Do you think that repetition is a good tool for him to use as a speaker? Why or why not?

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    I need help with the questions, like some kind of idea I can start off with. Please and Thank you (:

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    Start with the first question. Study the types of appeals you've learned. Then go back over King's speech. Which appeals do you find in the speech?

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    King was a very well educated man. Undoubtedly he studied and understood Aristotle's ideas of ethos, logos, and pathos.


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    I Found alot of logos, and pathos in his speech.

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    Is this good so far?

    In Dr.Martin L King’s Speech, he mostly uses Logos and Pathos. As he mentions that although slavery is over, the Negroes are still not free he uses a sign of emotional feeling on how African Americans were being treated in those days,and by following a reason and evidence as he speaks his mind and feelings . It was easy for King to approach the crowd because of his experience as a preacher. He repeated some phrases in his speech, including “I have a dream.”(556) to make it clear to other people listening to him. Throughout the speech he really was focused on what he was saying, and also he took pauses between sentences so that we could take in the information and really think about it.As a preacher it made his speech kind of professional, being a preacher King practiced alot in what he did to get better at it, which is how it affected his speech. King uses repetition for us to understand the message he’s giving us and rethink it in our head. I think this is a good tool for him as a speaker/preacher because it really helps show the main point in his memorable speech.

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    I should think you need to have a fully developed paragraph to address each of the 3 questions you've been given.

    You've made a good start on each, but you seem to be skimming over the surface: making general statements without explaining yourself fully.

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