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The blood speed in a normal segment of a horizontal artery is 0.166 m/s. An abnormal segment of the artery is narrowed down by an arteriosclerotic plaque to 1/5 of its normal cross-sectional area. What is the difference in blood pressure between the normal and constricted segments of the artery?

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    1/5 of the area ----> 5 times the speed
    if the same amount passes each point in a second (continuity)

    p + (1/2) rho v^2 = constant says Mr Bernoulli
    P1 + (1/2) rho v^2 = P2 + (1/2) rho (5 v)^2

    P1 - P2 = (1/2) rho (25-1)v^2
    rho is approximately that of water 1000 kh/m^3
    and v is .166 m/s
    P1-P2 = 500 (24)(.166)^2

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    Thanks! blood's density is 1060 kg/m^3 but it worked perfectly! and makes sence

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