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find the missing value to the nearest hundredth Tan ___ = 73

I just don't get these!

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    can someone help me?

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    just use your calculator for the arctan function. Or, go to

    and enter 73 and get arctan(73) = 89.22°

    so, tan(89.22°) = 73

    just think of the trig functions as another set of functions and inverses

    If I say x^2 = 4 you apply the inverse of ^2 to get x = √4 = 2

    If √x = 4, apply the inverse to get x = 4^2

    so, if you want sin(30) you get 1/2
    If you want to find what angle has cos(x) = 1/2, apply arccos(1/2) = 60

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    Well, I am not Steve but I do have a calculator.

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    Oh, never mind, Steve answered while I was looking for an online calculator :)

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    so the answer is 89.22? sorry I hope I don't sound dumb but I don't understand trig AT ALL.

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    thanks anyways Damon :) and thanks Steve

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    Think of a right triangle with the bottom leg 1 and the side leg 73. It is very tall and skinny. The base angle is very close to 90 degrees. If that angle is x, then tan(x) = 73.

    Go back to basics and start looking at right triangles to see how the trig functions are defined. Whenever you're stuck on some trig idea, always try to see how it relates to a right triangle. Draw lots of them. Read articles online; there are lots of different approaches to show how they work.

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