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How do I answer these questions. Please show work.

The answers are through the link as a png image. THanks!

h t t p : //

  • Calculus -

    a) divide the domain into 4 intervals (of length 10 each)
    evaluate f(x) at the midpoint of each interval (5,15,25,35) and multiply by the interval width.

    That adds up the area of 4 rectangles to approximate the area under the curve

    This area is the distance flown by the plane. (velocity times time in each interval)

    b)acceleration=0 means a constant velocity during the interval.

    c) just take the derivative to get the acceleration. Evaluate at t=23

    d) the average velocity is the distance flown(integral of velocity) divided by time (40)

    That should get you on your way.

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