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Social Studies

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14.What did Hernan Cortes do for Spain in 1521?
Conquered the Aztec or Fought the Inca
Conquered the Aztec?

15.Which country borders both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea?
Cuba or Panama

16. People that live in the Amazon Rainforest may lose their homes because of
Disease or Deforestation

17. WHich ancient Latin America civilization had its Capital in Tenochtitlan
Maya or Aztec

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    All are correct.

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    18.Of the layers of society under Spanish rule which was the ruling class?
    Peninsulars or Criollos

    19.WHo was known as the Father of Mexican Independence?
    Father Martinez or Father Hidalgo
    Father Hidalgo?

    20.Which disease had a great impact on SPanish colonization among Native Americans?
    Smallpox or Polio

    21.Of the layers of society under Spanish rule which was the largest class and forced to work as laborers?
    Native Americans or Mestizos
    Native Americans?

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    All right, again! :-)

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    22. Father Hidalgo led a group that fought for Mexico's independence from
    Portugal or Spain

    23.Which group had both Spanish and Native American ancestry?
    Mestizos or Criollos

    24.What marked the end of war between Mexico and the US
    Treaty of Mexico or Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
    Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

    25.Who became president of Mexico in 1858 and led a reform movement?
    Vicente fox or Benito Juarez

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    Thank you

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    You're welcome.

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