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1. Rivers that flow into larger bodies of water are called
Tributaries or creeks

2.Most of Latin America lies within a climate region called the
Dry Zone or Tropical Zone
Tropical Zone

3.The weather phenomenon El Nino is caused by
Earthquakes or Ocean Currents
Ocean Currents

4.Hieroglyphs are language symbols used by the
Inca or Maya

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    5. Stone roads were an important development of the
    Inca or Aztec

    6.Who was Atahualpa?
    Aztec Ruler or Inca ruler
    Inca ruler

    7. The Aztec chinampas were used for
    Farming or writing

    8.The Columbian Exchange refers to the exchange of goods between
    Canada and the US or Europe and Latin America
    Europe and Latin America

    9.Deforestation has the greatest impact on
    MExico or South America
    South America?

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    All are right! :-)

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    10. THe remains of Machu Picchu showed how the Inca
    Built with stone or Cleared forests
    Built with stone

    11. The Spanish solider who conquered the Inca was
    Francisco Pizarro or Hernan Cortes

    12.The Amazon is a large river because it
    Begins in the Andes or Has many tributaries
    Begins in the Andes

    13.The mass destruction of trees is an example of
    Deforestation or Desertification

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    All are right except for 12.

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