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Thato caught 4 snails and placed them all in the same small circle on the ground and organised a race......1st snail travelled 24cm in 4minutes,2nd snail travelled 35 cm in 7minutes,3rd snail travelled 33cm in 5minutes and the 4th snail travelled 39cm in 6minutes..... (1)how far would the second snail travel in 1h10min?

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    How long would it take the 4th snail to travel 1km?

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    2nd snail goes 35 cm in 7 minutes
    so 35/7 in 1 minute, so
    In 1 minute it goes 5 cm
    then in 1 hr, 10 or 70 minutes it would got
    70(5) or 350 cm

    4th snail:
    39 cm in 6 minutes
    100 cm in (6/39)(100) = 600/39 minutes
    or 1 m in 600/39 minutes
    1000 m in 600000/39 minutes
    1 km in 15384.6 min = 256 hours, 25 minutes.

    Why is all the other data given?

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