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Hello! I am needing some help on Algebra! It is hard !
Can you explain how to Simplify Algebraic Expressions? The easiest way? I have a test over it Friday, and i can't understand it at all!
Can you help with these and explain?

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    Combine like terms.

    -12z + 4z - 36 + 30 + z

    -7z - 6

    Follow the same procedure for the next problem. I'll be glad to check your answer.

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    I come out and get


    What do I do now? I'm so confused! I don't know it !:(

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    Now combine like terms.


    4y - 3y = y
    9 - 12 = -3

    4y-12+9-3y = y - 3

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    Now how would I do this? This is so confusing.

    LUNCH You bought 3 pieces of chicken that cost x dollars each, a salad for $3, and a drink for $1.

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