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Algebra 1 I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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8.A number raised to a negative exponent is negative. Is it always , never, or sometimes.

7. Evaluate 1/2a^-4b^2 a = -2 and b = 4 remember a^to the negative 4

6. Simplify. Write in scientific notation. (9 x 10^-3)^2

Thanks to anyone who helps right away and need right answer from the people who have already taken this test.

  • Algebra 1 I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

  • Algebra 1 I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    Miss sue did you notice the answer you gave me the person who did it didn't do it right because its to the negative 4 power thanks . Can you try to solve it on your own? Thanks if you do.

  • Algebra 1 I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    Oh Sam and me are the same person in this question.

  • Sam or Dave or Evan - Algebra 1 I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    Please try to stick with one name.

    If you had looked carefully at the solution I gave you before, you would have noticed that I took care of the
    a^-4 by converting it to 1/a^4

    Here is what I did, look it over carefully

    #7 , the way you typed it ... it would be

    (1/2)a^-4 b^2
    = (1/2)(1/(-2)^4 (4)^2
    = (1/2)(1/16)(16) = 1/2

  • Algebra 1 I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -

    Oh thankyou . I'm sorry for changing my name . So I really just put m original name . I was thinking that you have to change your name in order to put in another question,. Thanks oh my real name is Evan . So that's what I'm going to put no on. Thank you. And did you do the test before with the same quetions ? If so can you give them all to me. I just been really having a lot of confusion . I also know how to do this its just I'm tired and need the answers to go on the next subject . THank You

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