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A copper (Cu) weight is placed on top of a 0.24 kg block of wood (density = 0.60 103 kg/m3) floating in water. What is the mass of the copper if the top of the wood block is exactly at the water's surface?

  • Physics ASAP!! -

    I will be happy to critique your thinking.

  • Physics ASAP!! -

    well i'm thinking to find the mass I need to find the volume of copper but i don't have any info to find that so i have no idea what to do

  • Physics ASAP!! -

    Density of wood is ρ₁=600 kg/m³,
    density of water is ρ₂=1000 kg/m³,
    m=0.24 kg,

    The volume of the wooden block is
    V=m/ρ₁=0.24/600=4•10⁻⁴ m³.


    Mg+mg= ρ₂•V•g

    M= ρ₂•V- m =1000•4•10⁻⁴-0.24=0.16 kg

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