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I have the answer I was looking for, but do not know exactly how to format it into Excel. Can you please show that format ASAP? This is due tomorrow.
Thank you!!!

Bank Stmt Balance $4270.00
Rejected Checks 140.00
Deposited Checks 1650.00
Ending Balance $6060.00

Book Balance $4000.00
Checks Issued 2500.00
Cust Pd Direct 170.00
Dividend 250.00
Staples Order -700.00
Bank Charges -160.00
Ending Balance $6060.00

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    You can always get help in computer programs by pressing the F1 key and then using the Index or Search feature.

    Here are some places online where you can get help with Excel in particular:

    Index of Help for Excel functions, graphs and testing Help and tips for microsoft excel functions, graphs and spreadsheet testing.

    Excel tutorials, lessons and help. Excel tutorials, lessons, and help. If you're a new or advanced Excel spreadsheet user, you're sure to find something here.

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