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Can you check for misspelling, punctuation and just to see if it's written correctly?... To sum up, my hypothesis was correct. I predicted that the plant that got the most sun would be the most colorful and the plants that were in the shade every day or even half of the days would lose their color. The data supports the hypothesis exactly as I predicted it would. I found out that light does affect the pigment of the leaves. What I wish I could have improved is having more sun. During my observations, the sky was mostly cloudy which made it hard to observe. The reason I say that is because Plant C was lighter than Plant A, yet plant C’s leaves kept falling out. As you saw in Day 13 Plant A died out because of the weather changes since it got so cold the coldness caused Plant A to rot. Plant B died out the fastest which is what I hypothesized in the first place. Since it got absolutely no light only water it rotted surprisingly fast. Plant C is a little complicated one day it would have it color another its leaves would just fall out of nowhere. Every time the weather would change Plants A and C had different results.

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    Looks good! :-)

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    Thank you so much! :D

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    You're welcome.

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