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How to Set Up Equation

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Given that the initial rate constant is at an initial temperature of 25 degrees C, what would the rate constant be at a temperature of 130 degrees C for the same reaction described in Part A?

What I need help with is how to set up the equation. I have the Ea, which is 41.4 degrees C, and the activation energy, which is 32.9 kJ/mol.

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    You have a typo in your post. I don't know what Ea is, either 32.9 or 41.4.
    From the data you have and from what I remember about earlier posts I think it is this.
    k1 = not given but refers to problem x @ 298.15
    k2 = ? @ 403.15

    ln(k2/k1) = (Ea/R)(1/298.15 - 1/403.15) and you want to solve for k2.

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