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Wes and Lindsay stand on the roof of a building. Wes leans over the edge and drops an apple. Lindsay waits, 1.25s afrer Wes releases his fruit and throws an orange straight down at 28 m/s. Both pieces of fruit hit the ground simultaneously. Calculate the common height from which the fruit were released. Ignore the effects of air resistence.

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    Start counting time when the apple is thrown. The distance it falls is
    D1 = (g/2)t^2 = 4.9 t^2
    For the orange, for t>1.25 s,
    D2 = 28(t-1.25) + 4.9(t-1.25)^2
    Set D1 = D2 and solve for t when they are both at the same distance (ground level).

    4.9t^2 = 28(t-1.25) + 4.9(t-1.25)^2
    = 28(t-1.25) + 4.9t^2 -12.25 t + 7.656

    0 = 15.75 t - 27.34
    t = 1.736 s
    Use that t in the D1 formula for the building height.
    I get 14.8 meters. Check my math.

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