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chemistry help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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complete the following paragraph relating to the enzyme,b -galactosidase .this enzyme hydrolyses the disaccharide lactose to constituent monosaccharides ,galactose and glucose ,drag and drop the approprite words into the correct space.
the enzyme ,B-galactosidase is added to a solution of lactose :over time, the number of water molecules presents in the sloution ................At the same time the number of molecules of lactose in the solution...............and the number of molecules of galactose and glucose in the solution ............The number of molecules of B-galactosidase in the solution.
3)stay the same
6)stay the same

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    The word hydrolyze means to break down by the addition of H20, so the amount of H20 would decrease. Also, since the job of beta-galactosidase is to break down lactose, the amount of lactose will decrease in solution and the amount of monosaccharides would increase. Therefore, the amount of glucose and galactose would increase.

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