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someone help please im so confused. i am trying to find the solution set?

  • College Algebra -

    3x^4 - 648x = 0
    divide by 3

    x^4 - 216x = 0
    x(x^3 - 216)=0
    x = 0 or x^3-216=0

    if you want only real solutions
    then from x^3=216
    x = 6

    however, if you want complex roots at well .....

    x^3 - 216 = (x-6)(x^2 + 6x + 36) = 0
    x= 6 , we already know that
    x = (-6 ±√-108)/2
    = (-6 ± 6i√3)/2
    = -3 ± 3i√3

    so x = 0 , 6 , -3±3i√3

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