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The longer base of an isosceles trapezium is 20 cm, its legs are 10cm. The legs of the trapezium are extended by 8 cm long to gain an isosceles triangle.Find the shorter base of the trapezium. Please help me:)

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    did you make a sketch?

    I have a large isosceles triangle containing your original trapezium
    The sides of the triangle are made up of the segments 10 and 8 for a total length of 18 each

    I see a smaller isosceles triangle contained and similar to a larger isosceles triangle
    let the smaller base be x

    remember the sides of similar triangles are in the same ratio
    x/8 = 20/18
    x = 8(20/18) = 80/9 or appr. 8.89 cm

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    thank u so much!:)

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