Math 8R - HELP!

posted by Lauren

2x + 3y = 6
4x + 6y = 12

please help (I DO NOT want to discuss the other problem...)

  1. Lauren

    can someone please help me because I'm really have a hard time with my homework. I understand some it but .... some problems are in different forms... and I looked in my notes (actually we don't have any notes JUST EXAMPLES! :( )

    and..... omg it's hard please someone help me

    like is this was ...

    y = 3x - 1
    y = x + 1

    that's easy because I can solve those types of problems (the y equals part ... thingy)

    but if it something like

    2x + 3y = 6
    4x + 6y = 12

    then I HAVE NO IDEA what to do. My teacher should of show us an example similar to this problem so... that why I could of UNDERSTAND it and easy solve these types of problems

    for hw i only have 4 problems to answer....

    this one:
    2x + 3y = 6
    4x + 6y = 12

    and other 3...

  2. Reiny

    What is your question?

    Did you not notice that the second equation is simply twice the first?
    So you only have one equation.
    Any ordered pairs that satisfies the first equation, or lies on that line , would be a solution
    There is an infinite number of solutions.
    (0, 2) , (3,0) , (-3,4) , etc
    (pick any even y, and you will get an integer x)

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