Logarithms (math)

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how do you solve for x
3.4e^(2-2n)-9=-4 I don't know what is the step by step process. Help please!

  • Logarithms (math) -

    3.4e^(2-2n) = 5
    e^(2-2n) = 5/3.4 = 50/34 = 25/17

    e^(2-2n) = 25/17
    ln both sides

    ln( e^(2-2n) ) = ln (25/17)
    (2-2n) lne = ln25 - ln17 , but lne = 1
    2-2n = ln25-ln17
    notice I have yet to touch a calculator ....

    -2n = ln25 - ln17 - 2
    n= (-1/2)ln25 + (1/2)ln17 + 1 , now to the calculator....
    = appr .8072

  • Logarithms (math) -

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