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Calculate the half-life (in s) of a first-order reaction if the concentration of the reactant is 0.0655 M 18.4 s after the reaction starts and is 0.0173 M 41.2 s after the reaction starts.

I got 25.6

Suppose the half-life is 23.7 s for a first order reaction and the reactant concentration is 0.0709 M 60.1 s after the reaction starts. How many seconds after the start of the reaction does it take for the reactant concentration to decrease to 0.0154 M?

I got 79.05.

Any help is appreciated!

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    I did #1 as
    ln(0.0655/0.0173) = kt, the
    k - 0.693/t1/2 and did not obtain 25.6 s.

    Use ln(No/N) = kt for #2.
    I did't obtain 79 s for that.
    Post your work for both of these and I'll look for the error.

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    So is it ln(.0655/.0173) and then the answer over .0693 which is k to get 1.24?

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    and how do you find k? because for the second problem i did ln (.0709/.0154) to get 1.527 which is obviously not the answer.

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