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what does IntTemp and IntRem mean? and whats wrong with my code, i don't know whats wrong with it...
Code below:

Dim intNum As Integer 'the numderator is read as a whole number.
Dim intDenom As Integer 'the denominator is read as a whole number.
Dim inttemp As Integer
Dim intrem As Integer
Private Sub bntReduce_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles bntReduce.Click

intNum = Val(txtinputA.Text) 'the Val statement is, if there is a letter placed into the text box, the code wont break,
intDenom = Val(txtinputB.Text) 'the Val statement is, if there is a letter placed into the text box, the code wont break,

MessageBox.Show("Fraction can not be reduced", MsgBoxStyle.YesNo) 'when someone types in a two numbers, and the numbers can not be reduced this message box shows up saying that the numbers can reduce, and to try again.

Call Reduce(intNum, intDenom) 'this is used to call the public sub below.

lbloutput.Text = inttemp

End Sub

Public Sub Reduce(ByVal intnum As Integer, ByVal intDenom As Integer)

intrem = intnum

inttemp = intDenom

intnum = inttemp

Loop While intDenom <> 0

intrem = intnum

End Sub

End Class

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    if u didn't figure have to reduce the fraction

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