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a sphere wall is 20mm thick, inside diameter is 10M. What is the mass of steel if the density is 7850Kgm3?

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    find volume of the shell
    r1 = 10 m = 1000 cm = 10000 mm
    V1 = (4/3)π(10000)^3 = ....

    r2 = 10000 - 20 = 9980 mm
    V2 = (4/3)π(9980)^3 = ....

    volume of shell = V1 - V2 = ....

    7850 kg/m^3
    = 7850000 g/(100^3 cm^3)
    = 7.85 g / cm^3
    = .00785 g/ mm^3

    I will let you do all the button-pushing
    Use the memories in your calculator, don't round off any intermediate numbers, let your machine do the work for you

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