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This style of painting is about expressing the artist's feelings. (1 point)

geometric abstraction
pop art
abstract expressionism

This is one main ingredient of paint. (1 point)


This term refers to a thick layer of paint. (1 point)


This term refers to paint that is mixed into melted wax. (1 point)

oil paint

Synthetic paint uses this as a binder. (1 point)


i don't get this umm all we had was a worksheet

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    Use to look up the words you don't know. Then let us know what you think the answers are. No guessing!

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    Hi Every one! I am Mrs. Queen and it seems, that the answers above are ALL wrong! Except for number 4.C.Encaustic but other than that every other answer is wrong!
    1. C.Abstract Expressionism
    2. B.Pigment
    3. C.Impasto
    4. C.Encaustic
    5. D.Plastic
    Hope this helps, If it does please think about going to Connections Academy Online School Program...

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    Ms. Queen is right thank you so much this really helped! :)

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    Mrs. Queen is right. I just took the test, and used Mrs. Queens answer, and I got them all correct.

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    Good thing i did what mrs. queen said other wise i would got only one right in my art'

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    Well these answers wernt right because i got s 1/9 on my test and it had the same ?

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    good thing mrs.queen was here

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    Drill Me

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