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What is the product in simpliest form state any restrictions on the variable
x^2+7x+10 / x+3 times x^2-3x-18 / x^2+x+2

I got (x+5)(x-6) / x-1, not sure on restrictions either 1 or -3,-2, and 1

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    factoring the numerators, ad assuming you meant x^2-x-2, we have

    (x+5)(x+2)/(x+3) * (x-6)(x+3)/(x+2)(x-1)
    = (x+5)(x-6)/(x-1)

    It appears that only x=1 is excluded, but you have to remember that you divided out (x+3) and (x+2).

    So, we must have x≠1,-2,-3 since in those cases the original fractions are not defined.

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