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Can you answer two questions for me? Thanks!!

"On average each of us consumes nearly 53 gallons of water a day at home. Some citizens of water-poor countries survive on as little as 4 gallons a day. We've grown used to seeing water flow out of our taps and down the drains. What if we had an automatic shut-off on our household water that limited us to, say, 13 gallons of water a day?"

1. What kind of argument is used when the author compares water usage in the United States to water usage in poor countries?

A. apeal to emotions
B. apeal to ethics
C. apeal to reason

2. Which abbreviation is punctuated correctly?

A. A.T.M
C. Jul.

My answers:
I think, but am not sure;
1. C
2. B

Thanks to anyone who can help me!


    I disagree with your first answer. It looks like an emotional appeal to me.


    Your second answer is right.


    Ms. Sue, both my answers were correct. I changed the first one to A and got it wrong. Just letting you know. Thanks anyway.


    Thank you for the update.

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