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tilissa was on the middle rung of a ladder.she went up 3 rungs,thendown 5 rungs and then up 7 rungs where she rested.later she climbed up the remaining 7 rungs on the many rungs did the ladder have?

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    To have a middle rung, the number of rungs must be odd
    e.g. if she is on rung #7, there would be 13 rungs
    6 below her, and 6 above her, she is on #7

    So assume she is on rung #x
    so there are 2x-1 rungs

    x+3 - 5 + 7 = 2x-1
    -x = -6
    x = 6

    The ladder had 2(6) -1 or 11 rungs

    she started at 6,
    went up 3 , was on 9
    went down 5, was on 4
    went up 7, was on 11, the top rung

    (Very dangerous to stand on the top rung of a ladder.)

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