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College Algebra

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Solve for the specified variable in each formula or literal equation

Sn=n(a1+an/2) for n (sequences)

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    Your formula is not correct, it should be

    Sn = n(a + l)/2 or (n/2)(first + last)

    your equation makes no sense

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    I like to change this(1023.065476) whole number into a mix-number to find the volume of the sphere (6 1/4 in) using 22/7 for pie.

  • College Algebra -

    V= 4/322/7r^ 3
    v= 4/3 *22/7*(6 1/4 in)^3
    v=3/4 * 22/7 * 15625/64
    v= 1023.065476 how to change to a mix-number?

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