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algebra 1

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at a certain high school,350 students are taking algebra. the ratio of boys to girls taking algebra is 33:37. How many more girls are taking algebra than boys?
- How can you write a system of equations to model the situation?
- Which equation will you solve for a variable in the first step of solving the system? why?
-how can you interpret the solution in the context of the problem?

  • algebra 1 -

    no of girls=37/70*350=185
    no of boyz=350-185=165
    185-165=20girls more dan boiz.
    Let x=boys y=girls
    350-((ratio of girls/total ratio)*350=no of boys taking algebra.
    No of girls-no of boys=girls more dan bois.
    B)u wuld use both d 2nd n 3rd eqn

  • algebra 1 -

    easier way:

    let the number of boys taking algebra be 33x
    let the number of girls taking algebra be 37x

    33x+37x = 350
    70x = 350
    x = 5

    number of boys = 33(5) = 165
    number of girls = 37(5) = 185

  • algebra 1 - Honors (Teacher) -

    b = Boys
    g = Girls

    This is a systems of equations

    1. b + g = 350

    2. b = (33/37)g

    Then, you can solve the first equation for one of the variables or substitute the second equation into the first equation for b. Then, substitute to find the number of boys. Finally, subtract the two answers to determine the difference in girls and boys taking algebra.

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