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The specific heat of solid silver is 0.237 J/g degrees celsius and the heat of fusion of silver at its melting point of 961 degrees celsius is 11 J/g. Find the final temperature is 1490 J is used to heat 40 g of silver initially at 20 degrees celsius.
Answer in units of degrees celsius.

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    You can do a quick calculation to see if Ag will reach the melting point. That will be
    q = 40 x 0.235 x (Tf-Ti) = 40 x 0.235 x (961-20) = about 9,000 J and you don't have that many joules; i.e., only 1490 J available. Therefore, substitute into the equation and calculate Tf.
    1490J = [mass Ag x specific Ag x (Tf-Ti)]
    1490 = [40 x 0.235 x (Tf-20)] = about 180 C or so. You can do it more accurately.

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