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A black thin-walled cylindrical can, 10.0 cm in diameter and 20.0 cm tall is filled with water at 100°C and suspended in a 20°C room. Determine the initial rate of heat transfer due to radiation, and the initial rate of change of temperature of the water. (Neglect any calorimetric effects of the can)

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    Note that they only ask for the heat transfer due to radiation. Use the Stefan-Boltzmann law.

    The can's temperatuire will be 373 K, initially.

    The room temperature is 293 K.

    Q = M*C*dT/dt

    You want the cooldown rate dT/dt

    Q = A*sigma*(373^4 - 293^4)

    C = 4184 J/kg*K is the specific heat of water
    A is the can's outside arwea in m^2

    sigma is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant. Assume can and room wall emissivity = 1.

    M is the water mass

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