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I'm stuck on these two questions regarding indirect object pronouns. for the first question would it be..
je s 'achète des gants.(à ta mère et à toi, Célia).

For the second question: would it be..

Célia se achète un pantalon. (à moi)

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    The "se" is for self/selves. Because I do not see the question, but only the answers, I'm guessing.

    Je vous achète des gants à ta mère et à toi, Célia. = I buy/do buy/am buying some gloves for your Mother and for you, Celia.

    Is the question: What are you buying for us?

    It's always best to put the Instructions/Directions plus the question before your answer, then I don't have to guess!

    Célia m'achète un pantalon à moi. = Celia is buying a pair of trousers for me. (guessing again!)

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    I will next time i'm sorry. these sentences are blank at where i put for the first one (s') and the second (se). i was looking in my book but finally found my answer. You really are a great help. thank you so much again.


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    C'était mon plaisir!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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