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Children’s meals are being prepared for a large gathering. There is an equal number of chicken, hamburger, and fish meals. Each meal comes with a toy: a ball, a parachute toy, or a Frisbee. There are twice as many balls as Frisbees and an equal number of parachutes and Frisbees.

Determine the probability that a meal consists of chicken or fish and comes with a ball as the toy.

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    Prob(ball) = 2/4 = 1/2
    prob(parachute) = 1/4
    prob(frisbee) = 1/4

    prob(chicken) = 1/3
    prob(fish) = 1/3

    prob( chicken or fish AND a ball)
    = (1/3)(1/2) + (1/3)(1/2)
    = 1/6 + 1/6
    = 1/3

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