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floral design

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One of your friends who works at a local public TV station knows that you wish to break into event-floral designing. She attended a party last week for which you had created an amazing set piece that surrounded a small dance floor. Impressed with your work, she asks you to supply floral arrangements for a popular local rock band’s live TV concert airing next month. In exchange for your work, you’ll receive an on-screen plug, and you’ll be allowed to hand out your business brochures to the studio audience. A great opportunity to make a name for yourself has fallen in your lap. What will you do to get noticed while at the same time giving this very modern and sophisticated band an artful set to back them?
3. You're told that the set's background will be white, and that this band usually wears black. You decide to create arrangements with an attention-getting color combination of yellow-orange, red-violet, and blue-green. These colors create a/an _______ color scheme.

A. split-complementary
B. triad
C. analogous
D. complementary

i think D , is that right?

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    The bride requests that the stems of the bouquets be hand-tied. Which of the following materials would be the best to use for binding the stems?

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    it's b. Triad
    just took the test

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