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Physics -- please help

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Brittany throws a slingshot pellet directly at a target that is far enough away to take 0.190 s to reach. How far below the target does the pellet hit? Enter m as unit.

How high above the target should she aim? Enter m as unit.

  • Physics -- please help -

    In the .190 sec, the pellet falls

    4.9(.19)^2 = .177m

  • Physics -- please help -

    What about the second part of the answer? And where did you get the 4.9 from?

  • Physics -- please help -

    y=gt²/2 =9.8•0.19²/2 =4.9•0.19² = …

    For finding the distance you need v(x)
    s=v(x)• t

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