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A man's age is 4 times the combined age of a two sons. One of whom is 3 times as old as the other. In 24 years their combined ages will be 12 year less than their father's age . Find their respective age ????

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    X Yrs old = Age of one son.
    3x yrs old = Age of other son.
    4(x+3x) = 16x = Age of the father.

    (x+24) + (3x+24) = (16x+24) - 12.
    4x + 48 = 16x + 12
    4x - 16x = 12 - 48
    -12x = -36
    X = 3

    x+24 = 3+24 = 27 Yrs=Youngest son's age,
    3x+24 = 9+24 = 33 Yrs=Oldest son's age.
    16x+24 = 48+24=72 Yrs=The father's age.

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