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5-6th grade Math

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Follow instructions:
1) Write the word SOLAR.
2) Add the 5th letter of the alphabetto the right of the last letter from the left.
3) Remove the 19th letter of the alphabet and replace them with the 14th letter of the Alphabet.
4) Remove all vowels EXCEPT the 2nd vowel of the alphabet.
5)Remove the middle E and replace it with the 2nd to the last letter of the alphabet.
6) Remove the 4th letter from the right.
7) Move the 4th letter from the right to the last position from the left.
8) Explain what the first word, SOlar, and the last word have in common.

I've tried everything and can't figure it out. IS there a typo on the page maybe??? HELP please!

  • 5-6th grade Math -

    1) SOLAR
    2) SOLARE
    3) NOLARE
    4) NLRE
    5) What middle E?

    I'm not good at these -- but somewhere either I or the puzzle is missing something.

  • 5-6th grade Math -


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