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Are these right?

What approach did European settlers in America often take toward their physical enviroment?
---Mostly the eviroment was something to exploit, trees became lumber, land became developed land.
What was the goal of the erie canal project?
---To connect the great lakes with the alantic ocean
What effect do you think the Erie Canal had on the development of industry in New York State? On other canal projects in the United States?
---This gave New York access to raw materials from the interior of the country for goods going east and markets for manufactured goods heading west

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    They look good.

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    okay thank you ..can you help with one other question?

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    You're welcome. I'd be glad to help with another question.

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    Why would the canal developers have studied the British canal system before they designed the Erie Canal? Write four questions the developers might have asked during their studies.

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    James the duke of York gave new jersey to me and my friend George Carteret

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