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when a customer has a complaint about a product bought from your pharmacy
a.refer the matter to yur pharmacist immediatly
b.ask the customer to contact the manufacturer
c.handle the complaint tactfully yourself
d.tell the customer that your pharmacy is not responsible for unsafisfactory products
my answer is c

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    Absolutely wrong!

    What does your text book say?

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    the way in which a pharmacy assistant handles a complaint can win or lose a customer for life.the old saying that the customer is always right has caused a great deal of annoyance to pharmacy assistants.they know that the customer is offen is necessary,however,for the pharmacy assistant to deal with the complaint tactfully because they can directly or indirectly open new possibilities for sales

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    From what your book says, c is the right answer. However, in many pharmacies, the complaint must be referred to the pharmacist.

    A few weeks ago I went into a pharmacy and asked an assistant what over-the-counter cream I could use for a rash. She immediately called the pharmacist over to help me.

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