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Read each sentence then write whether the sentence is simple or not simple

My dog Buddy fetches the paper in the morning

The subway which runs under the city is a fast way to travel
Not simple

Cici sings in the school choir

Jen talks on the phone and does her homework at the same time
Not simple

When the train arrived vika boarded it quickly

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    The first 3 are correct.

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    Your first two are right. The second two are wrong.

    The sentence about Jen has only one subject -- Jen.

    The sentence about the train has two subjects and verbs.
    train arrives
    vika boarded

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    Correction -- I can't count. Of course, Writeacher is correct -- the first 3 are correct.

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    The one about Jen is Simple and the one with Vika is not Simple?

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    It would help if the sentences were numbered!!

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