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1. A Pyrex plate is filled to the brim with liquid pumpkin pie filling, then baked at 190 degrees Celsius. The pie plate is h=3.60 cm deep, but the sides of the dish taper from the top to bottom so that the bottom is a circle of diameter d2=25.8cm, while the top opening is a Circe diameter d1=27.4cm.
The filling is prepared at 20 degrees Celsius, but when it is baked it expands and .236 L of it flows over the edge of the pie pan and ends up in the bottom of the oven. Compute the thermal expansion for the volume of the pie plate itself, and then use the overflow amount for the filling to get an estimate for the thermal expansion coefficient (alpha pumpkin) of pumpkin pie filling.
Note: volume of the pie plate can be found using v=(1/3)( a1+a2+(square root of a1xa2))(h)

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