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English Communication

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6. Each of the following words has the suffix -ed. Which word is spelled correctly?
A. Plotted

B. Preenned
C. Duckked

D. Cleanned

8. When reading a newspaper, you come across the word subterranean. You guess the meaning of the word by breaking it into its parts. You know that sub- is a prefix meaning "under," and the word terra often refers to "earth" or "ground." The suffix -an means "relating to." You guess that subterranean means "underground." The process you've just used is called
A. context clues.

B. dictionary skill.

C. phonetic analysis.

D. structural analysis.

9. Which one of the following pairs of words is an example of a near homonym?
A. Alter/altar

B. Their/there

C. Do/due

D. Adapt/adopt

10. Which of these words is spelled incorrectly because it violates the rules for ie versus ei words or exceptions to those rules?
A. Sovereign

B. Surfeit

C. Siege

D. Slieght

12. Of the different kinds of vocabularies, the one that's the largest is the _______ vocabulary.
A. casual

B. written

C. recognition
D. oral

16. Read this sentence carefully.

  The autocratic leader handed out orders left and right.

What kind of context clue would you use to understand the meaning of autocratic?
A. A clue offered by an example

B. A clue provided by contrast with a signal word

C. Clues from another sentence

D. Clues from your experience or general information

19. The following words have roots with one syllable. To each, the -ing suffix has been added. Which word is spelled correctly?
A. Shiping

B. Meeting
C. Hiting

D. Triming

20. To figure out how to correctly speak the word onomatopoeia, you look up the word in your dictionary. You then refer to a chart that explains the dictionary's symbols for how to say the word. This chart is called the dictionary's
A. table of contents.

B. pronunciation key.
C. vocabulary.

D. entry word.

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    6) plotted
    8)Phonetic Analysis
    16) A clue offered by an example

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