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Bert is standing on a ladder picking apples in his father's orchard. As he pulls each apple off the tree, he tosses it into a basket that sits on the ground 2.2 m below at a horizontal distance of 1.3 m from Bert. How fast must Bert throw the apples (horizontally) in order for them to land in the basket? Enter m/s as unit and use g = 10. m/s2.

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    while falling, the apple obeys

    2.2 = 10t^2
    so it hits the ground after 0.66 sec.

    To travel horizontally 1.3m in 0.66 sec, it must travel

    1.3m/.66s = 1.97m/s

    Naturally, there is some wiggle room, depending on the size of the basket.

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